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Learning How to Manage Your TO DO List When "You’re Doing The Most".

“You’re doing too much.”  Wise words from a many of friend and family member.

This is my daily struggle…I’m a doer. I’m ALWAYS multitasking and doing something.  Bouncing from one project to the next (I’m at a point where I even feel guilty when I have a little down time- it’s crazy).  I am also an entrepreneur. So it’s likely those things go hand in hand with one another. Par for the course I guess.  But here’s the problem- sometimes there is just TOO much to do.

The struggle is REAL and I know I am not alone in this feat.  Whether you’re trying to manage your business, your family, your personal obligations or all of the above, it is essential you not allow yourself become overwhelmed and bogged down.

Here are a few helpful tips you can put into action to help ease the stress and anxiety of having too much on your “To do” list.

Organize your list

When working on multiple projects or simply just trying to manage life (i.e. Work, Family, Personal) create sub-titles within your to-do list, rather than a “mash-up” list. This will allow you to process what needs to be done for each project and create a more focused list.  It will also make it easier to prioritize.

Get your priorities straight

Once you’ve organized and are able to visualize everything you need to do, scroll back through and determine what your top priorities for the day are.  Highlight these items and focus on getting them done first.

One thing at a time

At the end of the day, you are ONE person.  That means even when you multitask and try to be super human, most times getting everything at once just is not possible (hardly ever).  Pace yourself.  It will all get done, eventually.  Learn to be OK with that.

Pick 3

Sometimes there’s too much on your to do list because you are simply doing to much.  You’ve overcommitted to helping a friend, picked up a new project you don’t really have time for, promised a colleague you’ll come to their child’s recital…the key phrase here is “YOU’VE OVERCOMMITTED”.  (I personally am a serial over-commiter)

Stop it and learn how to say no (see more on this here). Pick 3 major projects to focus on. Nothing more. Otherwise your list will continue to grow and you will continue to be stretched thin.

Cross it off, permanently

doer 3If there is something on your list that’s been lingering and you keep putting it off it’s likely you need to just take it off or delegate to someone else to get it done. Otherwise, just like it didn’t get done today- it probably won’t get done tomorrow.

Take a moment to assess the commitments on your to-do list and ask:

  1. Is this pertinent to my day to day life or long term success/journey?
  2. Is it making me money?
  3. Do I need to do it? (What’s the consequence if I don’t?)

We are all a work in progress and it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re focused on the “little” things. Peace of mind is priceless. And having it means much more than being a doer that’s getting nothing done cause there’s too much on your plate.  Take some things off your list so that you are able to get more meaningful tasks accomplished. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

-@lonair xoxo