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Hate your job? Quit: Tips for a Professional Exit

Your two-week notice is up and you’re about to walk out the door of your current workplace one last time. Whether you’re truly sad to leave this job behind or ready to give your boss the finger unfortunately you’re going to have to sit through an exit interview. You can look at this opportunity as a chance to air your grievances or have some choice words with your supervisor, but whatever you choose to do please make sure you do it professionally.

To help improve your chances of getting a great reference down the road, here are some tips for a professional exit:

Tell your supervisor first. 

Instead of telling Karen who will soon tell Jim that you are thinking about quitting mention it to your supervisor first. The last thing you want is for the news to spread like wildfire.

Give your two weeks notice. 

This is standard job exit etiquette, however some employees do give less than one weeks notice leaving their employer scrambling to find a replacement. It may be hard to bear it, but stay for those two weeks, unless if you are asked to leave sooner.

Don’t insult anyone. 

As much as you may want to do cartwheels and backflips show that you will regret leaving such wonderful people behind.


Stay on top of your responsibilities. 

Remember that you are accountable for your work until you walk out of the door on your last day. So continue to act as professional as you would if you were just hired.

Review the employee handbook.

Understand what you’re entitled to in regards to benefits and compensation. Before you even think about mentioning your two weeks notice take advantage of at least one unused sick and vacation days.


As much as you may be over your job make sure you maintain a professional and cordial relationship with your boss. He/she could serve as a source for future openings. It’s a small world and even smaller in some industries or professions so don’t let a final mishap tarnish your reputation.