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Halloween plans? Things to remember to have a safe night

With less than 24 hours away from the one night you get to dress up in costumes, enjoy a few parties and the kids get tons of treats; we wanted to make sure you are safe this halloweekend! We have suggested some tips to help keep you away from all of the ghouls, goblins and ghosts that might be lurking or lingering this weekend.

Here are some tips to keep you safe on Halloween:


Since makeup has managed to become such a huge trend. We suggest applying it on a small area first! Make sure that you have makeup wipes or makeup remover if your face will be painted this year.

Travel in groups

If your child is old enough to trick or treat alone with friends this year make sure that they are in a group. We want those that will be trick or treating to return home safely.


Costumes that include a sword or knife should be short, small and soft. We are only pretending. The last thing we want to do is put an eye out. And if you will be wearing a mask make sure that it does not obscure your vision.


There are tons of parties this weekend and if you will be attending, keep an eye on your “potion.” Even if you put it down for a second just get a new one and if you have a mask on make sure you are keeping an eye on how that “potion” is being prepared. Remember the point is to have fun!


It always pays to take precaution on a night that is cold and dark and kids will be on the street. Remember to only accept candy that is wrapped and drinks that were made in front of you! We hope your night is filled with ample fun. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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