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Hair falling out from stress? Tips to help strengthen hair and reduce stress

As women we go through enough, the last thing we would need is to wake up to chunks of our hair in the shower or start finding clumps in our brushes and combs. If this has already started happening to you, don’t freak out! We know under this circumstance its going to be hard not to, but before you start to panic answer these questions! Have you been dealing with a recent breakup? Switched your birth control? Decided to make a complete lifestyle change? (We promise we won’t judge) But if you answered yes, to any of those questions that might be the reason your hair is falling out. Don’t let stress take away your beauty ladies! Here are some ways to prevent hair loss:


Treat your scalp

You’ve probably been thinking that you need to start at the bottom to make it to the top. But with hair it’s the totally opposite. Give your scalp some TLC and then your make your way down. The scalp is where each hair follicle receives its blood supply, so it has to be nourished and hydrated in order to be healthy. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C like almonds, walnuts and strawberries are great for scalp circulation as well.

Biotin supplements

You might have heard about the biotin wave that everyone is riding. But if you don’t know, now you know! Biotin pills are one of the safest and highly recommended ways to improve thinning hair. Biotin contains B complex vitamins, which help your body metabolize fats and proteins.


Try a new look

We know the newly single ladies are definitely hopping on this bandwagon. Playing around with your hair can sometimes mask the issue. A new style can possibly help your hair appear thicker. If you really want to go all the way, a new color can also do the trick. The lighter the hair color, the more it will conceal patches. If you definitely choose to try a new look, try to find a style that suits your lifestyle and won’t be too much maintenance.

Cut back on heat

Flatirons and curl wands can seem like lifesavers sometimes. We’re not ashamed to admit that were just as addicted too. Whether it’s because of hair extensions or you are obsessed with bone straight hair too much heat can fry and break your hair, which will only cause it to thin out more. If you are going to apply heat try to use it at a low temperature and avoid using your hot tool of choice as often.

Once the culprit of your hair loss is addressed and under control your hair will begin to grow and shed normally. But before you do anything try to relax. You are too blessed to be stressed! It might not seem like it right now, but your hair will grow back. #Bossbabes are always on fleek and always remember your hair is your beauty! So don’t let a guy or any other situation for that matter decrease your level of fleekness. #HairFlip


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