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Great workout suggestions for you and your boo

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It’s going to be tempting to eat an entire box of chocolate or splurge on a romantic dinner and movie this weekend. But no matter what the case may be don’t let your love life derail your plans to get fit this year. Spring is around the corner and those bikini bodies won’t make themselves. Instead of working on your abs alone have bae join you.

You’re probably thinking CLASSY|RATCHET is suggesting workouts on V-Day Weekend? Yes we are! And for all the right reasons (if you know what we mean) working out with bae has more advantages than you might think. The two of you might be at different fitness levels and goals but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout together. You guys can spend some qt time together, encourage each other to reach your fitness goals and most importantly it will give you guys some energy to partake in some naughty festivities. (That’s if you need it) Overall working out is the perfect way for you two to bond.

Here’s a few workouts to do with your boo:

blog-3-high-5-push-up Push-Up High Five 

This is a great way to motivate your SO. Lay on your stomach (make sure you are face to face). Once you push up extend your arm out and give your SO a high five! And push up again.


Seated Medicine Ball 

This exercise will target your obliques and help you both build a stronger core and back. For the beginners try using a lighter medicine ball and work way up. Sit back-to-back wth your knees slightly bent. Pass the medicine ball from left to right but only using your arms. Keep your backs together to get the full effect. (Do 3 sets of 10)


You both won’t be able to keep your hands off each other once you see those abs coming in. Lay down on your backs with your knees bent and feet planted on the ground. Place your feet under each other’s knees. (Make sure they are still bent) this is how you both will be able to support each other’s weight once you pull up. Pull up will your hands placed behind your head using your abs to pull up. After about 3 sets of 10 you’ll start to feel the burn.


You can gaze into each other’s eyes as you both squat down with your feet spread a pet and legs planted on the ground. You can even add in a medicine ball and throw it to each other as you squat down. Your choice! When your booty starts to get round bae will always want to do squats. If you’re constantly doing this exercise it might lead to something else. (You know what we mean)

What’s better than working up a sweat with your boo this V-day weekend? (We’ll wait) And if your anything like us we’ll be doing more than one workout this weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 



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