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Getting rid of the baggage: Leaving things and people in the past

When the nights are long and you can’t sleep for all the sadness of a past left unresolved, it’s almost hard to grasp the future and move on. Unfortunately the past has the ability to haunt your waking hours and your dreams. There will always come a point when you feel like it’s almost impossible to get away or accept what’s behind you. Don’t worry your past doesn’t define you or every step that you take from now on. One of the hardest things to do is let go of what was and move on. It’s definitely easier said than done, but there are steps to help you along the way.

Here are some tips to help you let go and focus on the future:

1. Confronting the past. 

If you don’t address the underlying sorrow, pain and anger, the past will continue to haunt you. When you fully comprehend what has happened you can learn from it and hopefully learn let it go.

2. Accept that you cannot change what happened. 

What happened; happened. That’s all there is to it. You can take it as motivation or a lesson learned. Take this time to reflect and focus on the brighter side. Once you hit the bottom you truly begin rising to the top.

3. Leave behind old stuff and old friends that remind you of the past. 

Taking a new step and making a new life is only possible when you leave the old behind. Otherwise you will always feel tied to or trapped in the past. Break contact with those people that constantly want to discuss your past. Try new things and make new friends.

4. Be grateful for the friends that actually support you. 

It will definitely be hard to forget, but don’t upset yourself by thinking about people who did not respect you and appreciate you. It’s their loss! Concentrate on those that do stick by your side no matter what and want to see you win. They are the ones that truly deserve your attention.

5. Remove your past from the future. 

This simply means that you must learn to stop letting the past experiences control you. This happens when you have a bad experience and you let it continue. It’s important to put yourself in new environments and to be conscious of the habits you’re trying to break. It’s a new year and a new you.

What happened in the past should stay in the past. Your past doesn’t define your present, value or worth unless you allow it to. We’ve all made mistakes before whether its friendships or relationships and the consequences can hit us pretty hard. However, the benefits of these experiences help us to slowly, but surely learn to let go. Once you finally let that pain go you can focus on present. Be strong enough to let go and patient enough to wait for what you deserve.