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There’s nothing like feeling over the moon about a new guy that you’ve started dating until the memories and experiences from your past relationship start to haunt you. We are so busy trying to avoid heartbreak and issues that might have caused your last relationship to go downhill that we forget to live in the moment. Not only does it affect your new bae, but it also prevents you from being happy. Here are some tips to avoid letting your past relationships effect your present:

Take time to heal 

If you recently broke up with your ex take as long as you need. Playing rebound won’t help you forget about him/her or the memories you shared. Honestly, it might make you miss him/her more. There’s no time frame on how long you should wait before you start dating again. Just make sure that your heart and mind are on the same page and that you are ready to start seeing someone new.


All guys are not the same 

It might be a cliché saying now, but it’s true they aren’t. The minute you start dating someone new put the past behind you. There’s no need to stress over someone that you are no longer dealing with and how will you know your new bae’s potential if your constantly comparing him/her to your ex? Take your time to learn each other and move at a pace that works for the both of you.

This is a fresh start 

When you get promoted to a new position at work are your responsibilities going to stay the same? This is a clean slate and this should excite you, not stress you! Hence “fresh start.” You don’t have anything against you and neither does the person you are entering a new relationship with. Try to avoid dwelling on the past and let the fact that you get to share new experiences with someone excite you.


Commit to being brave 

It is definitely easy to let fear hold you back. Instead of committing to being afraid or worrisome, commit to being brave and dive right into the dating scene. You won’t know the potential your significant other has if you continue to hold onto the past. Your past relationship is not your last and only relationship so get back up and try this again.

Always do what works for you and genuinely makes you happy. Don’t rush a relationship or look to someone just so that you can get over your ex. In due time those wounds you thought would never heal will. Happiness awaits you!


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