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#Essence Fest Fashion Re-Cap

Essence Fest was this past weekend and if you missed the festival then JOIN THE CLUB! When I tell you I am the biggest Instagram picture troll! OMG! If you follow me on IG (@trickyvibes) you’ll notice that I have been moping around the internet in deep despair because I was not able to make it to the Essence Festival in New Orleans this year. Luckily, (for me and you) the internet does wonders at making me feel that I was there in all my voodoo spirit! In honor of the afrocentric fashion and artistry displayed I am bringing you a photoblog of looks that I love from the festival under the Mercedes-Benz dome!

Untitled design-3

Untitled design-4

What are your favorite looks? Which ones missed the mark? What trends will you try #AllSummer16 ?  Comment below!



*Disclaimer- CLASSY | RATCHET does not own these photos. Photos were snagged from Instagram with all posting parties clearly displayed above.