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Empire Review: Is Season 2 living up to the hype?

You can finally put away your Free Luscious tee’s because he’s back and ready to go after his Empire. If you weren’t one of the 16 million viewers that tuned into season two’s premiere you are clearly out of the loop. Like any sophomore project the supply must meet demands and so far it has been.

Empire keeps the gas pedal of its Maybach floored which is why the second ride is already so much fun. It doesn’t just go fast but it keeps getting faster. This round of Empire bites into all of the touchy topics and latest news with new teeth. The Hip-Hop drama allowing imprisoned Luscious, corporate raiding Cookie and the strong supporting cast to become more complex characters, especially as we learn more about who they were before they became who we know. Season two includes the prison industrial complex, poverty and the politics of the justice system as we approach the third episode we’ve already hit 100 miles per hour.


This season is still going to get your adrenaline pumping as every episode ends on a cliffhanger. It’s still a little early to say whether or not Luscious Lyon is Empire and if sacrificing your queen will help you win the game! But as the show faces impossible expectations for its second season, the temptation to sell out its characters for the sake of a good twist will be greater than ever! My fingers are crossed that Empire lives up to its name or else the Dynasty may have to take its place.