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#CuffingSeason Staycation: Pulling off a romantic local getaway with your bae

The hustle and flow lifestyle week after week can be so exhausting. But with only a two-day weekend, when are you suppose to spend some time QT time with bae? You might be thinking you need to start looking for flights and book a hotel. Don’t stress! You can enjoy some time together close to home.

Here are some local getaway ideas for you and bae:


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Bed and Breakfast

If you are looking to enjoy each other’s company and have a weekend filled with relaxation, then checking into a bed and breakfast is the perfect getaway. Let someone else do the cooking while you and bae relax. Clear your mind! No noise or distractions just the two of you.


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Cruise to Nowhere

A cruise is always a great getaway option, but also a big commitment. So before you start thinking this impossible for a weekend getaway. Well it is! You can enjoy all of the amenities that the cruise ship has to offer right under one roof, for example a comedy show, spa, restaurants, shopping and more.


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Lake or Beach

There’s nothing like a calm scenery, such as a lake or beach. These areas are not only romantic, but perfect to help you two vibe. On a nice fall morning or afternoon maybe take some food along with you and enjoy an outdoor picnic. For example, for the couples that live in or near the tri-state area Atlantic City makes for the perfect baecation/staycation. If you and bae want to turn up your nightlife options in AC are endless and not to mention you can press your luck at the casino. Fingers crossed your weekend goes from good to great 🙂

This is your chance to unwind and have some with bae. A little R&R never hurt anybody. So let your hair down and kick up your feet. Get ready for a stress-free and romantic weekend with your boo thang!