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CLASSY | RATCHET Guide to Taking a Dope Selfie

  1. The Perfect Angle. When taking a Selfie it’s all about the Angle! If you want the perfect selfie, its usually better to lift your camera slightly above your face to get an attractive angle for your photo.
  1. Find Your Light.  If you turn your back on the light, it gives you a more backlit look and will make your selfie look softer. If you want your face to look brighter turn towards the main light source.
  1. Try Different Angles.  No one knows your face better than you. You won’t find your best angle until you’ve seen yourself in all angles. So study your face and get to know it.
  1. The Filter. If you are a member of Instagram, you may know that Instagram has a bunch of filters to offer. But if you want to explore some other filters try downloading some free apps, which will also offer a variety of filters.
  1. Strike a Pose. Some great Selfie’s may involve a smile, while other’s may not. You do not always have to smile in your selfie’s. Some off guard pictures are the best or even focusing on your background will help to make your selfie dope!

Capture that beat face and those beautiful moments! And remember it’s all about you.  Be your very own #WCW. We hope our tips have helped to make your Selfie turn out great!