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Can Rebound Relationships be the Real Deal?

They say that until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you are choosing someone out of love or loneliness. The gap between being alone and finding comfort in it can be recognized as the rebound period. While many of us look at rebound relationships as a way to get over a man I think rebound relationships are with our self. Why can’t rebounding simply equate to regrouping with oneself?

When I think back to my first real heartbreak my “get back” had nothing to do with finding a rebound relationship with a man. It came from me regrouping with myself and seeing what failures took place in my last relationship. What mistakes did I make and how could I have been a better person. Rebound relationships shouldn’t be defined as the amount of time you begin dating someone else but more so the amount of time you invest in yourself to regroup. If you are carrying full bags into a new store how will you make room to purchase new merchandise? 

The best way to let go of past issues is to revisit the past for a moment allow yourself to ask the questions that may never get answered and accept that reality. Be ok with taking some of the issues in your past to the trash,because let’s face it thats where they belong any way! Wouldn’t it be ideal if a rebound relationship could be obtained through interaction with yourself, a bestie or a close matriarch in your family. The key to executing a productive rebound relationship is to stop defining it as a negative thing. Rebound is defined as the act of bouncing back. Whose to say that the bounce back can only occur with a man.

Approach your rebound as an opportunity to do all the things you sacrificed doing in your last relationship. If you enjoy going to the ballet but maybe your dude didn’t like it go for a show or two. See all the sappy romantic comedies your heart can handle. Use the time to strengthen relationships that you may have neglected when you became engulfed in your ex. Get familiar with yourself and don’t be afraid to hop into that relationship, because that is the one that will never fail you. 
Can rebound relationships be the real deal you ask? Yes when they involve me, myself and I. In order to successfully rebound from any broken relationship it will require you to bounce back to your past, re-discover who you really are and fall in love with you all over again. Although you may be requesting a table for one you may find that your date for one with one was the best one!

From the heart of Ebony S. Garris