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For of those of you that missed the season three premiere of Power; we will try our best to avoid spilling all the tea. But for those that were able to catch it, do you guys agree that an hour wasn’t enough?

It looks like everybody has an alibi this season and even though the cards have been dealt; they somehow seem to continuously end up in Ghost’s hands. Or should we call him James? We don’t know, but what we do know is different suits and tons of security certainly won’t keep James or Angela out of harms way. Ghost’s side chick, turned main chick isn’t out of the clear just yet, but that still isn’t stopping her from riding for her man both figuratively and literally.

These days’ actions have to mean more than words for Ghost since he’s claiming to be out of the game, but little does he know “the game” is really just getting started. His ex-bestie Tommy makes it clear that he’s ready to play, but what he will soon find out is that it costs to be the boss. But what’s funny is Tommy isn’t the one with the debt. CLASSY|RATCHET can’t wait to see all of the drama unveil this season. Are you guys going to tune in this season?


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