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It’s the moment that you’ve been waiting for and probably dreamt about. After four years of filling your head with knowledge; you’re finally done! But now its time to take everything you’ve learned and apply it to the real world. The urge to forget everything and relax at home will be very tempting (we know the feeling) so before you get comfortable; Here are some tips to help you transition once you’ve graduated college:

Clean up your Social Media 

Before anything get rid of all of the party pics. Yes, they make for great memories but the last thing you need is for an employer to see you and your BFF Alex posing in a photo with a bottle of Henny. Try to clean up your social media pages before employers get the chance to look, because they will look.

Update your Resume

This is a major key grads! It’s important to have a clean resume that stands out among the rest. Have a few people look over your resume and be open to suggestions.


Use your college as a resource

After you get your degree the urge to chuck up the deuces and say good reddens will be tempting. But don’t forget about your school. Believe it or not they want to see succeed and will stop at nothing to help their grads seek connections and opportunities.

Network with everyone

NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! This can’t be stressed enough. You never know who you will meet and one of your connections could have an opportunity for you. Who knows what the future holds so be sure to speak up and stay in contact with your connections.

Graduating student Abel Charron displays a "Hire me" sign written on his mortar board before the 2007 USC School of Cinematic Arts commencement at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, in this May 11, 2007 file photo. A college diploma has long been the ticket to a good job, but the deepest economic slump in decades has dampened the dreams of many college seniors. To match feature FINANCIAL/GRADUATES REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/Files (UNITED STATES EDUCATION BUSINESS) FOR BEST QUALITY IMAGE: ALSO SEE GM1E68K0EVJ01

Never give up on finding a job

Unfortunately, you might not get your dream job right away but don’t let that stop you. If we could give any advice it would be to be patient. Job hunting takes time so just like a shoe find the one that fits you!

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t found your dream job yet it’s coming! Live in this moment and be proud of yourself. This is such a remarkable moment in your life and you’ve worked really hard to get here so enjoy this time and never ever give up on your dreams!



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