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We rounded up some of our fave blogs that we can’t get enough of. Whether it’s while we drink our coffee or right before we end our day these blogs have become a part of our daily routine. The list definitely goes on, but we decided to narrow it down to five. Here are CLASSY | RATCHET’s fave blogs to follow and in no order:


CLASSY | RATCHET is here for women empowerment. Refinery29 empowers women to live a creative and stylish life by providing its readers with all of the latest tips, tricks and tools to live a beautiful life. So if you’re looking for inspiration here is where you will find it. Refinery29 has inspiration and the latest in entertainment news.

The Shade Room

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the shadiest of them all? You guessed it The Shade Room! We would be lying if we said The Shade Room wasn’t one of our guilty pleasures and you’d be lying too if you said you didn’t enjoy the constant drama and shade that we get to read every day. If you want your daily dose of celebrity gossip The Shade Room knows and sees it all…and best believe nothing is off limits.

Fashion Bomb Daily

You know we admire all the boss chicks doing it and Claire Summers is another bossy beauty holding it down in the fashion industry. When we need some fashion inspiration we’re going straight to Fashion Bomb Daily and if you’ve managed to grace this blog you’re deemed a certified fashionista.

Lift Like A Girl 

If you want some encouragement in the health and fitness department, Nia Shanks is giving it to you on Lift Like A Girl. Shanks lets you know right away that exercises are not punishment for eating. She writes empowering articles to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to begin strength training. Summer is coming so if you need something uplifting and encouragement Life Like A Girl will help!

The Positivity Blog 

Last, but certainly not least. We can’t get enough of The Positivity Blog. Some people start their morning with coffee. Well we start ours with some positivity. The Positivity Blog is one of the most inspirational blogs out right now and after reading were sure you will do anything in your power to make sure that you have a productive day.

We would’ve loved to list more of our fave blogs. But were sure you are going to enjoy these. And to all the other blogs that we didn’t get to mention we see you and applaud you on all of your hard work and success! Cheers to expanding your brand and getting more readers in 2016!