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"Bedroom Inspiration: Create Your Own Sleeping Oasis"

The Bedroom; were there to catch those much needed Z’s and were there when that dreaded alarm goes off during the week. You live, you play, you love and re-coupe in your bedroom. It’s your inner sanctum and favorite place to be. Here are a few Classy Ratchet suggestions to your bedroom in the ultimate oasis!


Grey, Soft Blacks and Off Whites 

grey bedroom

Earth tones aren’t the only option when creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. In this bedroom, the dark wall color makes the space feel more private and calming.



Hotel Influence 

hotel style bedroom

Hotel style bedrooms are edging their foot through the door of home bedroom design.  Look for large roomy beds, extravagant, yet universal headboards, bringing in the practical elements such as bedside lighting, tables, chairs and large windows to let in a lot of natural light.




traditional bedroom

While it’s an old trend, it still is, and will continue to be popular.  It’s a very safe option if you plan not to change the decor of the room for generations, as it doesn’t have a time stamp on it. A room like this one is timeless.




rustic bedroom

Rustic, natural and rugged is sure to be a solid trend through 2014 and beyond.  The cool soft design above is about using country materials and colors. The raw and natural vibe edge more towards a house in the country as opposed to a city apartment.


Trust us with a cozy, energy friendly space like one of these and you’ll never want to leave the bedroom!