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Be the Hostess with the Mostess: Create Your Own Ultimate Super Bowl Soiree

Super Bowl Parties are all about four things: alcohol, chicken wings, dip and the size of your TV screen. So before the Patriots face off against the Seahawks tomorrow we wanted to make you were all set for your big game day party.

Here are some tips/items you’ll need to enjoy your bash:

Make a memorable dip 

There are tons of dip options besides the “usual” tomato salsa. Instead prepare an original dish that will impress your friends, i.e., beer bacon dip, jalapeno or pepper jack cheese.

Have a theme/decorations

This is not something you have to do, but if you want to have a little more fun add decorations or have everyone come in football gear. Even hanging a simple banner or decorating your buffet table will do.

01SuperbowlpartyfoodGet tons of ice 

Make sure you have extra ice to keep the beers cold. There’s nothing men would like to enjoy more than a nice beer as they watch the game.

Arrange enough seating in front of the TV

Besides food and beer this is the most essential element of your party. If you have to clear out your living room area do so! Your going to need the space and the last thing you want is someone knocking over the vase that your grandmother gave you.

Create a good menu 

Your guests will definitely want more than chips and dip. If you are looking for more options to add to the menu wings, pasta, ribs, pizza or tacos should help complete your party. If you don’t want to do all of the cooking you can order out or you suggest that your guests bring a dish.


Whether you are a Super Bowl lover or not have fun! You shouldn’t get stressed out hosting a party like this one. This is a time to have fun with your family and friends. As long as you have enough food and beer you’ve already scored. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!