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Bad Hair Day: Cute Ideas for a Quick Fix

You woke up late this morning and you have to be out the door in 20 minutes. You jump in the shower and throw some semblance of an outfit together. Now- with 5 minutes to spare- you’re dressed, but your hair is NOT cooperating and you’re ready to just pull it out! Panic is settling in and you’ve got to pull it together, QUICK! What do you do?

We’ve got you covered! Here are some quick hair tips for those horrid bad hair days we’ve all had:


1. The Bun 

When in doubt, wear a bun. Whether its sloppy or neat this is one of the many gifts that have been given to women. Make use of it! Its so easy and cute and can be pulled off in minutes. This is also perfect for when the weather just won’t agree with your hair.


2. The ponytail

Now this hairstyle is much faster than a bun and you have the option of dressing it up or down, literally. You can do a high, low or side ponytail. You can even add a braid if you have a little extra time. If not a simple slicked back ponytail is sleek, sexy and effortless.

bad hair
3. The braid

Braids have become a huge hit this year and are the perfect remedy to any bad hair day. The creativity with braids are endless, but if you’re really in a rush and want to keep it simple try the look in the picture above. You can even add a braid on the other side.

Baseball-Hats-For-Women-24. The Hat 

Now this is not a hairstyle, but if it isn’t a lifesaver I don’t know what is. This will definitely save you some time because you could throw it on as your walking out the door. Owning a hat (or a collection of them) is truly a blessing and makes life so much easier when your hair isn’t acting right.

All females know how important our hair is to us. It’s our beauty and it could be the huge determination for how our day will go. When you feel good, you look good. But when your hair looks good, you feel even better. Am I right ladies?