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12 Days of Classy Ratchet: Day1

Flash sale alert!! Today is Day 1 of our 12 Days of Classy Ratchet holiday sale. Today recieve 40% off of any order of $50 or more until Midnight. Use promo code: day1 Buy a shirt for yourself and you’re favorite Classy Ratchet fashionista! She’ll love it. Happy Holidays from the Classy Ratchet team. xoxo

Thirsty Thursdays: Social Thirst

Megan Goode, Jennifer Lawrence, Gabrielle Union…do these names ring a bell? These women, and a host of other female celebrity personalities are the subject of a recent privacy breach this past month involving nude photos of the starlets being shared for public consumption on social media, blogs, and other internet sites. I’ve seen them, you’ve…