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4th Of July Looks We Love!

4th of July is coming! Tis time to celebrate our country and eat one too many racks of ribs, ok?!? I KNOW you have an outfit picked already. Wait *pause*….. Are you still wondering what to wear to THE cookout? GUURL, look no further! Here are four trends to incorporate into any outfit that are sure to #slay on Independence Day. (You see what I did there? YAAS)

DSC_0523 (1)


White Jeans

Ripped, clean, tight, loose- doesn’t matter! White denim is always a summer classic and a staple move for any wardrobe. Pair them with a fitted tank or crop top to keep cool while “you-know-who” is flipping burgers!



You see them EVERYWHERE. Gon’ ‘head and take that next step and cop some All-American Converse. If you are low on coins opt for the all-white classics. You can’t go wrong.


Ripped Denim Shorts

We have seen your gym selfies! It’s time to show up and show out! Destroyed denim shorts are the perfect opportunity to remind all your friends about how squats have done the body good. Stay patriotic with a stars and stripes design like these.

DSC_0615 (1)

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriends are super chic when rolled and a vented option for those hot days in the sun! Whether dressed up or down, boyfriend jeans aren’t too loose but aren’t too tight and take a W for flattering every figure.

DSC_0620 (1)

Your Favorite CLASSY | RATCHET shirt

Can’t have a blog without a plug! Don’t run off though! LOL. All of the trends above pair perfectly with your new CLASSY | RATCHET shirt. What are you waiting for? Peek around the site and come fresh to the shindig on 4th of July.


See you soon!